Truthmaker Semantics: What, What for and How?
University of Geneva, 19-20 June 2021

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In great part through the work of Kit Fine, truthmaker semantics has recently been thoroughly developed and applied to many different topics, both within philosophy and in other areas. The aim of this workshop is to bring together people working on the foundations, development and applications of the framework, including researchers who are critical of it or who argue that its benefits can be had in other frameworks, for instance the framework of possible worlds semantics.

We are pleased to share two updates concerning this workshop. The list of the invited speakers with the titles of their talks is now available:

  • Maria Aloni (ILLC, Amsterdam), “From Truthmakers to Information States: Disjunction and Negation in BSML”
  • Kit Fine (NYU), “Truthmaker Semantics for Logic Programming”
  • Mark Jago (Nottingham), “Metaphysical Structure”
  • Stephan Krämer (Hamburg), “Truthmakers and Belief Revision”
  • Friederike Moltmann (CNRS, Nice), Friederike Moltmann (CNRS, Nice), “Truthmaking for Mental and Modal Objects”
  • Stephen Yablo (MIT) — on Zoom, “Grue and True”

Also, the call for papers has been closed, and we are very happy to share with you the list of the selected papers:

  • Johannes Korbmacher (Utrecht) and Giuliano Rosella (Torino), “Exact Truthmaker Semantics for Modal Logic”
  • Jon Litland (Texas), “General Subject Matter”
  • Naomi Osorio-Kupferblum (Vienna), “Translating Trueways”
  • Pierre Saint-Germier (Louvain), “Truthmaker Semantics for the Logic of Ceteris Paribus Imagination”

Organizing committee: Fabrice Correia, Alessandro Cecconi and Martin Glazier

Contact: For any information, please contact

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